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2018 Winter Sale Is On!

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Complete Engines

Save $1000

Pro Series Drag Race Engines
Pro Series Nitrous Drag Race Engines
Forced Induction Drag Race Engines
Stage I, II or III Supercharged Engines
Twisted Series Pump Gas Engines

Save $500

Sportsman Series Drag Race Engines
Sportsman Series Nitrous Drag Race Engines
Big Dawg Series Pump Gas Engines

Save $200

Econo Series Drag Race Engines
Realstreet Pump Gas Engines
Realstreet Single Carb Supercharged Engines
Ultrastreet Pump Gas Engines

Long Blocks

Save $350

Drag Race Long Blocks
Pump Gas Long Blocks
Supercharged Long Blocks
Nitrous Long Blocks

Short Blocks

Save $200

Drag Race Short Blocks
Pump Gas Short Blocks
Supercharged Short Blocks
Nitrous Short Blocks

Cylinder Heads

Save $200

Any Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads
Any Big Block Chevy Top End Kits

Rotating Assemblies

Save $100

Any Small Block Chevy Rotators
Any Big Block Chevy Rotators
Any Chevy LS Rotators
Any Small Block Ford Rotators

2018 Layaway Program Is On!

How Does Our Winter Layaway Program Work?

It's Simple - Pick out any of our products, send in 15% of the total by Friday December 21nd 2018 and you just locked in the current pricing and any sale discounts that may apply! Whatever product you order must be paid in full by Friday March 15, 2019.